Companial Launches Empowered – Tools and Solutions for Dynamics Partners

Thursday, October 19, 2023
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Companial today unveiled Empowered, a transformative set of tools and solutions, designed to empower Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Partners with enhanced profitability and reduced costs.

For many years, Companial has heard from its Partner community that availability of resources is one of their biggest concerns. Without the right resources, Partners have trouble scaling their businesses, struggle with differentiating themselves from the competition, and, as result, lose deals. Meanwhile, recruiting and growing talent takes years of investment with no guarantees.

With these challenges in mind, Companial and its Partner community have developed Empowered to help resolve Partner capacity challenges, seize new opportunities, and ensure the right scope of the offered products. The Empowered suite of products includes Empowered solutions and tools.

Empowered solutions were developed together with the Companial Partner community in response to the resource challenges in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem. Empowered solutions consist of Empowered Business Central for Professional Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Wholesale & Distribution. The scope of each solution is the industry standard functionality that is expensive to maintain and adds low value to the Partner’s business. Companial Partners can now scale their business without the need for additional resources, make an extra margin on the solutions, and refocus their resources from low value-adding work. Each solution is available exclusively to Companial Partners in a bundle with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Tools, which consists of Empowered Billing and Empowered Insights to start, help Partners in any industry to improve their operational efficiency. Empowered Billing helps Partners manage their recurring billing cycle, making it easier to bill their end customers. Empowered Insights interprets cloud telemetry data to provide Partners with insights into their end customers’ behavior.

“Partners share that the availability of skilled resources is their biggest challenge,” said Louis Rustenhoven, CEO at Companial. “Developing Empowered closely with our community is a way to empower our Partners to exceed expectations of their customers and add more value to these relationships without the need for additional resources.”

Partners leveraging Empowered products ensure that they stay ahead of the competition with a strong value proposition, allowing them to on-board more customers at scale and deliver proactive support. This results in higher margins and improved operational efficiency for the Empowered Partners.

Companial is committed to empowering its Partners to exceed expectations and will always be Partner focused. It remains dedicated to working side by side with its Partner community, collaborating closely to ensure the right scope and value offered by our Empowered suite of products. Companial also looks forward to extending the reach into additional workloads to provide even greater benefits at the right price and scope.

Learn more about Empowered and its products.

Companial is the leading value-added distributor for Microsoft Dynamics Partners. Companial has a deep expertise in Microsoft Dynamics Products, training and technical services with over 1,000 Dynamics Partners in 75+ countries.

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