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Overview through insights creates happy customers.

Sumatra Operational Intelligence empowers employees to make their daily work easier, smarter and more efficient. Operational Intelligence is designed to enhance agility through better collaboration, and more timely data-driven decisions.  Free yourself from complexity and over-reliance of spreadsheets, while better integrating strategy and operations for greater business insights. Empower your Business Central and NAV customers with software that really adds value. From management to each of your employees in every department. Working with Operational Intelligence saves time, increase speed and accuracy and gives deeper insights for better decisions making. Saving time x better decisions = more profit.

Full Description

Sumatra Software is a pioneer of developing Operational Intelligence with more than 27 years of experience.
Our customers benefit from our software by saving time, focusing on important things and making better decisions.
Operational Intelligence enables managers and employees to work from smartly presented information. On top level you see what needs your attention and why. From here you easily navigate to all explaining details enabling you to make the right decision what to do.
Business Intelligence software is designed to visualise data for the management. Our software is designed to improve processes on every department by all employees as well as the managers. But wait there’s more: our software is also ideal for (consolidated) financial reporting & KPI Dashboards.
From our 27 years of experience we know that using Operational Intelligence leads to saving time and money. More than 30.000 users experience the benefits from working with Operational Intelligence each day. They are better informed, they can focus on relevant things, they work faster and more efficiently. All ingredients to not only make them happy, but their managers too!
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Do you see the value for your customers, but you don’t have capacity? Our experienced consultants will support you. Make your customers happy with a full implementation, usually just 3 to 5 days, leading to better insights, better decisions and happy customers.


Sumatra Operational Intelligence is designed with the end-user in mind, helping them to save time, work efficiently and make better decisions. Our Operational Intelligence empowers employees and managers by working from a user-friendly interface, giving them data driven insights. By focussing on relevant and actual information, including all explaining details, they never miss what’s important. For more than 27 years our software helps managers and employees to work smarter, fasters and more efficient.
Your customer will be up-and-running after only 2-5 days of implementation by one of our implementation experts.
Operational Intelligence | better insights, better decisions.


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Retail price range €

! Based on average customer

From 342 € for 10 users, upfront billing for 1 year

To 640 € per month for 25 users, upfront billing for 1 year

Implementation time

  • 2-5 days



(No training required)


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(Extensive training course required)

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