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How dtnext grew from 2 founders to 42 employees.


About dtnext
dtnext, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner, was founded in 2022 by 2 founders – Aad de Jonge and Constant van Limburgh.

Their mission is clear: to solve customer problems in the best possible way using the full spectrum of Microsoft platform elements.

But just like any startup, dtnext began with humble beginnings. With no employees and just one customer served by a freelance Business Central consultant, they had to build from the ground up.

However, with decades of combined experience in the Microsoft Dynamics market, the founders quickly understood the importance of choosing the right strategy.

Aad de Jonge

Founder, dtnext

Their choice was to start with the three stages of the Arc of Life strategy. The first stage involves outsourcing talent to generate cash flow. The second stage is to embark on customer projects across various industries. The third stage leverages Composable Architecture, integrating various components to create comprehensive solutions utilizing the entire Microsoft platform – Business Central, Customer Engagement and Power Platform.

Despite facing initial challenges, such as a shortage of skilled employees and recruitment difficulties, the founders’ perseverance paid off. Within two years, dtnext expanded from a team of 2 to 42 dedicated professionals.

And that is also why dtnext embraced Empowered Business Central to support their strategy, achieve fast growth and provide their customers with more functionalities than what already exists in Business Central.

Today, dtnext continues to grow, focusing on solving customers’ problems using all the elements of Microsoft Dynamics platform – Business Central, Customer Engagement and Power Platform.

The next phase is to emphasize business consultancy, identifying and addressing customer issues in the most efficient way possible.

With a dedicated team and a clear vision, dtnext is committed to providing exceptional solutions and driving success for their clients.

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