How your feedback influences continuous improvement at Companial

Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Insights and resolutions from the recent Companial Partner Satisfaction Survey

What could be a more valuable gift from you – our partners – than to hear your honest feedback in our annual partner satisfaction survey at the start of the year. Your feedback builds a foundation for the process of continuous improvement at Companial – it gives us invaluable insights, helps us to prioritize activities in more complex service improvement projects, and enables us to be more agile in reacting to your emerging needs. All this is to ensure continuous value creation for our partners over time.

In this article, we share with you a quick summary of the survey results and resolutions we’ve made from your feedback.

Companial partner satisfaction survey – key highlights

Participation: 254 of our existing partners from 26 countries shared their voice with us. A huge THANK YOU for that once again!

Satisfaction with the overall experience with Companial: Looking from the overall perspective, we are super-excited to witness more positive partner sentiment for Companial in the recent feedback compared to the previous year, where improvement is visible not only in overall partner satisfaction with Companial, but also in satisfaction with specific parts of the service. This makes us believe that we are on the right track for bringing various enhancements in the membership service and making your partnership with Companial more valuable, convenient and enjoyable.

Talking about scores (which helps to measure the progress), on the given scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being the best possible experience), 83% of respondents rated their experience at 4 or 5, giving us an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 (compared to 4.0 in previous year).

Satisfaction with the major touchpoints: To better understand how partners experience more specific parts of the licensing membership service, we asked partners to evaluate the following touchpoints with Companial: the responsiveness, problem-solving skills and the ability of our partner success manager to provide guidance to partners, the information service, and partner experience with our handling of operational queries.

Satisfaction ratings with all of the touchpoints covered fluctuated between 4.2 and 4.5 (on the same scale of 1 to 5) which shows high evaluation (and even more positive compared to previous year), but still gives us some room to better meet and exceed our partners’ expectations.

Figure: Evaluation of major touchpoints of Companial membership service (scale of 1 to 5 (highest)).

Partners also assessed how much they feel Companial’s company values are shown in the way we serve them. In the partners’ eyes, Companial is strongly seen as a CARING (4.6) and OWNING (4.4) organization, also significantly, yet slightly less, as CREATING (4.1) and bringing JOY (4.3) to partners.

Likelihood of recommending Companial services to others (Net Promoter Score (NPS)): To gain a greater sense of partner loyalty and ambassadorship for Companial, we asked partners how likely they were to recommend Companial’s services to others.

Following the classical NPS calculation model (quick explanation – applied scale from 0 to 10; only those who rate 9 or 10 get in the Promoter’s category), the NPS reached 48, which falls in the ‘good to great’ NPS range compared to industry averages. The more important finding for us was seeing that your loyalty sentiment (NPS) has increased considerably over this year: 56% (compared to 46% in the previous year) of respondents rated their likelihood to recommend as 9 or 10, which proves what a large army of true ambassadors of our services has been created in our community.

The strengths of the partner experience with Companial: Thank you for all the warm comments you’ve shared with us in the context of what you appreciate most in how we serve you! What could be better motivation for our people than hearing your encouraging words so they can continue bringing the best version of themselves into delivering experiences that not only meet but also exceed your expectations.

Figure: Companial partners appreciates the most in their experience with the company.

Our resolutions and next steps

On top of the ongoing initiatives to deliver outstanding experience to you, the statements below summarize what key messages we have received and resolutions we have made from your recent feedback:

1. More individual attention and more responsiveness to your needs:

Your feedback brings us a very clear message: being close to a partner, understanding your challenges, being helpful and available at any time to share our expertise with you is what makes a difference. We will thrive even more on it, so you will experience a more personal touch – individual attention to your needs and situations – from your local Companial representative. One of the new activities we are rolling out in some regions (where we’ve identified the biggest demand) is introducing regular online events dedicated to partners at the Foundation membership level. This should better help in guiding our partners in this group to current market changes that might influence their business, also creating a new channel to listen to partner concerns and be better able to address them.

We also reacted to your request to provide more choices for channels (such as a direct phone number or Teams chat) you could use to reach out to your local Companial representative with your immediate requests. In reality, we are available in all these channels already; however, we will take action to be more vocal to how you could connect with us through channels of your preference.

2. Ongoing effort to make the Companial portal more convenient for our partners:

Bringing all previous portals into one united and convenient experience for our partners is one of our strategic priorities and we’ll continue that journey we’ve started. It’s also a complex journey where we should set priorities for the roads to take (thanks to your feedback in this area!). Therefore, we are focused on improving user experience (including user interface) for the currently available functionality, making enhancements suggested by our partners, also continuing integrating other platforms like CSP marketplace and Companial Academy.

In the area of CSP marketplace, we’ll stay focused on improving the operational efficiency. Last year we’ve delivered on our earlier promise and introduced the solution for billing automation to help partners optimizing the recurring CSP billing. We are currently working on enhancing the end-customer self-service capabilities of CSP marketplace.

3. More tailored and condensed information to our members:

In response to your feedback, we seek to be more proactive in reacting to news and changes from Microsoft and other players in the ecosystem, simplifying communication and quickly communicating what it means to you. We will continue to do this via the established formats, depending on your partner membership level, while also creating new formats that provide such summaries (Companial talkies being one of them).

We also hear your feedback that you appreciate communication more tailored to your individual needs. To ensure this, we encourage all our partners to visit our subscription center and voice your preferences for communication there.

Thank you once again for your honest feedback. It truly makes a difference!

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