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Introducing Learning Journeys for Business Central

Monday, March 28, 2023
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How to attract, develop, and retain talent!

The biggest challenges facing our partner ecosystem today are capacity and capability. Finding the right resources, developing their skills and retaining them can be very costly and time consuming. In our fast-paced industry, we need to put workforce development at the top of our agenda. Employees who see that an employer is clearly investing in their skills are more likely to stay with the organization.

This is why we developed Learning Journeys!

With Learning Journeys, you can offer new employees well-structured onboarding programs that allow them to develop their skills while working for your company, whether they are consultants, developers in Business Central, Power BI specialists, or Power Platform specialists. This offer sets you apart from the competition as an employer, because Learning Journeys allow you to lead your employees into the future.

We’ve made it easy and cost-effective for you to attract the right resources, giving you an unbeatable advantage over your competitors. With our subscription payment options, you can even spread the cost monthly!

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Andy De Rosa

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