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Cloud Migration: Why Your Dynamics 365 Business Needs to Make the Move?

Thursday, March 23, 2023
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The cloud is such a hot topic today, and you have probably heard about moving to the cloud a thousand times, whether that be moving files or moving entire businesses to cloud-based solutions. But what exactly is the cloud, and why is it beneficial to move to the cloud? “Why” is somewhat easy to answer, – your data is stored remotely so you can access your files securely via the internet from anywhere or any device you might have. Simple, right? Easy answers become more complicated when we start talking about businesses, or when these answers have to be applied to business solutions. For enterprises thinking of moving from an on-premises office set-up to the cloud, the scale is much bigger and much more complicated, but making the move still comes with many benefits, including reduced IT budgets and staying innovative and competitive.

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of moving to Microsoft Cloud for all business needs. This can mean a direct move to Business Central Online, a cloud-based solution offered by Microsoft, which enables users to access the software and their data from anywhere with an internet connection. Or alternatively, a hybrid solution can be used, such as Business Central on-premises hosted on Azure, which combines the benefits of a cloud-based solution with the flexibility, control, and customization options of on-premises software.

Benefits of moving to the Cloud

How will your journey to the Cloud could go?

Step by step migration to the cloud:

Dynamics Partner and customer options:

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