Partner of the Year Awards during Companial Connect 2023

Friday, June 16, 2023
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You did it again! Thanks to our Partners, who are willing to go the extra-mile with us to make their customers happy!

Companial was back for Companial Connects this spring to reward the prestigious Partner of the Year Award to Partners with outstanding performance in our regions.

Companial Partners do a tremendous amount to satisfy their customers. Projects involve more than just providing timely solutions for the complex challenges faced by businesses around the world. At Companial, we are passionate about helping our Partners on this journey, from virtual communication and collaboration to helping customers realize their full potential with Azure cloud services and beyond.

Our Partner network works closely together to provide innovative and unique services and solutions to their customer networks.

That’s why we are honored to present the Companial Partner Award to Partners who have demonstrated a true commitment to customers, an impact on the market with their innovative solutions, and exemplary use of Microsoft technologies.

We are happy to announce the winners:

In The Netherlands:

Partner of the Year – Business Solutions Cooperatie

Business Solutions Cooperatie

Fastest Growing Partner of the Year  – Peacock

In Belgium:

Partner of the Year  – GMI Group NV

Fastest Growing Partner of the Year  – ProFunctional bvba

In Spain:

Companial Connect Spain took place on May 18th at Microsoft HQ Madrid. Here are the winners from Spain:

CSP New Cloud Migrations  – Arbentia Consulting S.L.

CSP Active Users Growth – Ozona Tecnologías de la Información S.L.

CSP New Customer Adds – Gregal Soluciones Informáticas

Dynamics Customer with More Users – Acicatech

In Italy:

Companial Connect Italy took place on May 30th at Microsoft HQ Milan. Here are the winners from Italy:

Cloud Partner of the Year – Projest SpA

Partner of the Year – Replica Sistemi

Companial Italy has started a new type of category, called Companial Ambassadors, to recognize the outstanding attitude and behavior of individuals during the year, regardless of their position or role. We recognize them as the true makers of the growth of the Companial Community.

  • Massimiliano Giussani – C.S.A.
  • Marco de Nicolo – Artis Consulting
  • Alberto Rubinato – Comptech
  • Alberto Zanchetta – Comptech
  • Andrea D’Alì – DSC Group
  • Andrea Schembri – DSC Group

Congratulations to all winners!

Companial is the largest and fastest-growing international network of Microsoft Dynamics Partners. We support our Partners – resellers and ISVs – with services aimed at growing revenue, lowering costs, and improving profitability. Our Partner community is our biggest and most important asset.

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