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Organisational Change Management – The Key to Project Success!

These days, Dynamics 365 projects are nothing more than change projects! With a need for a vision, business goals, good internal communication and intensive leadership involvement. Unfortunately, most Dynamics partners still consider their projects as technical projects. Just like the management of their customers. With a strong focus on functions and features. With contacts on the operational and tactical levels only. And with loads of customizations.

Your customers are unexperienced in ERP and CRM implementations and they hate change – just like any human being on this planet. This often leads to lots of disappointment and a huge waste of time, money and energy. Good Organizational Change Management (OCM) is crucial for project success! Especially when you want to deliver several parts of the Dynamics 365 concept! Ideally, this Change process starts at the strategic level of your customer’s organization. This session is all about implementing this organizational change approach in your projects. After this QBS Talks session you’ll walk away with a good understanding of how you can use OCM to create project success.

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