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From Business Central On-premises to Cloud: Removing Showstoppers


Welcome to the first episode of SofTalk's podcast series!

Tune in as Sandra Matuleviciute-Bagdonaviciene, Partner Experience Manager at Companial, and Rimvydas Saulis, Cloud Business Line Manager, discuss Initiating and Accelerating Migration to the Cloud for Legacy Customer Base. Whether you’re still on-premises or considering migration to Cloud, this episode is for you. Learn about the challenges partners face, the arguments for migration, and how phased migration can make the transition smoother. Ready to take the next step?

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From Business Central On-premises to Cloud: Removing Showstoppers

The on-premise customer base is still relatively large in comparison to new cloud customers, with many legacy customers reluctant to move forward to the cloud. In this podcast, we will discuss how to change the “if it isn't broken, don't fix it” attitude many of these customers have, and start moving even the most conservative customers forward to the cloud, all while maintaining productive and profitable relationships.


  • Intro
  • Why is the topic bringing Business Central on-premises customers to the Cloud still relevant?
  • What are the most common objections you hear which stop Partners from moving the cloud?
  • What arguments do you bring to these partners?
  • What is your message to Partners who tend to abandon their old Business Central on-premises installations/customers and focus on new customers/opportunities?
  • Is Microsoft SaaS offering good enough to migrate directly to Microsoft Cloud?
  • How are Partners who have build their own competence in the Cloud infrastructure doing now, what challenges they're facing, are they satisfied?

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Rimvydas Saulis, Cloud Business line manager

Rimvydas Saulis joined Companial (formerly known 1ClickFactory) in 2020, bringing nearly 20 years of experience in international business development, Partner channel management, and product management to the team. Over the past ten years, Saulis has led the Microsoft Partner sales, marketing, and business development teams in the Baltics, Central Asia, and South East Asia, while expanding the Cloud business footprint and achieving high Partner channel satisfaction. In his previous role as Product Manager, Saulis was at the roots of the extensive business expansion of Navision and Microsoft Dynamics. He was also one of the first Microsoft executives to focus on Cloud business development in the Baltics.

Sandra Matuleviciute-Bagdonaviciene, Partner Experience Manager

Helping Companial to meet and exceed partners’ expectations through better partner listening, understanding experience gaps and emerging needs of partners, also helping setting priorities and practices for experience enhancements.

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